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tutorial 3 : tukar Home , Older , Newer post
Friday, 23 December 2011 


Nk tau cane nk tukar home , older post , newer post kpd icon yg comel ?
Ikut step nih :

dashboard > design > edit html > tick expand widget
 Pstuh cari kod dkt bwh nih

Tukar kod dkt ats nih dgn kod bwh nih
<img src=""/>

Pstuh cari kod nih plak

Ganti kod dkt ats dgn kod bwh nih
 <img src=''/>
Last skali , cari kod nih plak
Mcm biase , kod ats nih ganti dgn kod bwh nih 
<img src=''/>
Then , preview dulu baru save .

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