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1st Giveaway Forever Young by Nazihah Hsn
Thursday, 1 March 2012 


zieha , sbb kite nk pencil case tuh first skali sbb cantik and comel sgt .
second , pencil case kite yg lame yg kite paling syg paling suke tuh kene curik dgn bdk india mne entah .
huhu :'( da la byk brg baru beli dkt dlm tuh . act pencil case iteww yg kene curik tuh akk iteww yg bagi .
so , kalau la iteww mng giveaway nihh , iteww nk bagi akk itewww .
zieha yg cantik , comel , cute , gorgoeus *betul x eje ?* 
berdasarkan sebab2 di-atas , bole x zieha bagi iteww satu pencil case tuh ? *smbil kenyit2 mate*
hehe :)

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